Student Spotlight

Freshman Student Council success 

Emily Bouyea and Rosa Gorham are beyond excited to serve as the Freshman Student Council Coordinators this year. Both Bouyea and Gorham were very involved in high school and they continued that involvement by joining the College of Arts and Sciences Freshman Student Council. 

“I was excited to apply for coordinator and see what happened,” Bouyea said. “After getting it, I am really excited to work with both councils. I am just so excited.”

Freshman Student Council is composed of 20 of the top freshmen within the College of Arts and Sciences. They serve as a liaison between the students and faculty and learn how to plan philanthropic events. 

“I really do think that it is important that other future leaders really get organized and interact with each other, to really bounce off ideas and get input from other student leaders on how to improve their leadership styles,” Gorham said. 

Bouyea is a physiology pre-med major with a Spanish minor, while Gorham is pursuing a double major in biochemistry and microbiology with a pre-med option. 

“I want to go to P.A. school,” Bouyea said. “It is kind of funny, what got me interested in doctors was actually Grey’s Anatomy.”

“I am actually wanting to pursue a dual M.D. and Ph.D. because I love research and I want to go to med school too,” Gorham said. 

Gorham really wants to focus on getting the members of FSC involved with each other and with the main College of Arts and Sciences Student Council. Gorham herself is incredibly involved on campus, being active in Student Wellness Council, Microbiology Club, and Cowboython, as well as being a Community Mentor. She is also an S.I. leader and an ambassador for both the microbiology department and the College of Arts and Sciences. 

“A lot of upperclassman really inspired me to be more involved in my department and to really strive for academic success,” she said. “Seeing their academic success really rubs off on other student success and makes them want to do better.” 

Bouyea is also heavily involved on campus ranging from working in Dr. Dzialowski’s lab to serving as a chair on multiple committees in her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha. Her goal for FSC is broadening their interactions with other colleges. 

“I want to implement ways to get points that involve networking with other colleges and other councils, because we haven’t been able to reach out to too many other people,” Bouyea said. “I think that would be a great way for freshman to meet people who aren’t in their college.” 

They both encourage their peers to apply for Freshman Student Council and try something new. 

“The Arts and Sciences Freshmen Student Council is an amazing opportunity to start getting involved at OSU beginning your first semester,” Bouyea said. “I knew I wanted to hold a leadership position on campus coming into college and this council gave the perfect opportunity to become the liaison between the freshmen students in my college and the leadership teams in our college as well as the other colleges. This council allows you to become active on campus and you will meet so many students in the Arts and Sciences college as well as students in other colleges, which has been super beneficial in terms of networking. If you are even considering getting involved on campus, I highly encourage you to apply for this council because it was one of the things I looked forward to the most my freshman year, and the friendships I made will last me throughout the rest of my college career and beyond!” 

Applications for FSC are due by Sept. 6 and can be found at