London 2020

Samuel Alvarado Garcia

Double Major: Biology, Psychology


Samuel Alvarado Garcia is an OSU senior majoring in biology and psychology. From Santa Ana, California, Samuel grew up in Enid, Oklahoma. CAS has prepared him with an extensive array of opportunities to be a well-rounded student both inside and outside the classroom. Some of his favorite opportunities have been conducting research on honeybees in the comparative psychology/behavioral biology lab with as well as being a teaching assistant for introductory psychology. Being in CAS has also allowed him to have some amazing and challenging coursework taught by some stellar faculty. Whether it was learning about the history of psychology with Dr. Abramson or learning about pharmacology with Dr. Wiggins, CAS provides faculty that are willing to help you learn and grow as a student.

Samuel chose the CAS route because he knew that it would prepare him for an ultimate goal of applying to medical school. “CAS has given me opportunities and experiences to build my confidence in applying for med school and the opportunity to network and gain interpersonal skills I need to succeed,” Samuel said.