London 2020

Annagrace Lewis

Triple Major: Biology, Plant Biology, Zoology


Annagrace Lewis is from Searcy, Arkansas, and grew up in Little Rock, with the hope of pursuing a career working with animals. This led her to become a zoology major at OSU to fulfill her dream of working with exotic animals. Because of the College of Arts and Sciences, Annagrace was introduced to student organizations that provide hands-on experience working with animals. While she discovered that working with animals was not what she was called to do, other classes during her freshman year piqued her interest, primarily plant biology. Conducting research in plant biology was extremely exciting for her, and led her to continue working in plant biology research throughout her sophomore year. From there, the love and drive to continue studying plants has only increased. Now in her senior year, Annagrace has fully discovered her passion of working with plants and has decided to pursue degrees in zoology, biology, and plant biology.

The College of Arts and Sciences has provided Annagrace with opportunities to take interesting prerequisite classes, conduct research, and combine life sciences disciplines that will set her up for future success. While being involved in leadership positions within the College of Arts and Sciences Ambassador program and the Oklahoma State University Women’s Soccer Club, she has gained key communication skills that have enhanced her experience within CAS and at OSU. Annagrace now plans to attend Naturopathic Medical School after graduation from OSU. Her dream is to continue to work with plants and use that knowledge to provide natural alternatives for those suffering from chronic pain, disease and addiction.